and selling your ebooks online on many platforms but first things first, it is even better to sell ebooks on your website. By doing this, you will be driving traffic to your site hence you will, in the end, build your author platform. Also doing this will be a better way to step out of hefty fees and royalties that big sites demand from you and finally, you retain control of your ebook selling price. Retailers on big sites place discounts on your sales and often impose upper limits on ebook prices.

Online eBooks business opportunities are vast and many platforms that will provide you with EBooks websites templates and lead you through creating your e-commerce store for your digital contents. Also, you can choose to have the custom site build for you. Ensure it is accepting credit cards and other payment options, can calculate sales taxes and value-added tax. This website ought to fulfill orders and if possible have a reliable support.

Include a shopping cart

A good site needs to have a shopping cart. It’s essential to know that shopping carts can cost you a small monthly cost or may be free, however, take a small cut from you. Others do both. It is not possible to add a shopping cart on free WordPress blogs, however, on a custom paid WordPress blog, this is practical. If for example your blog is young or does not receive a massive traffic, you can redesign it and host the e-commerce store there and proceed to sell ebooks online.

Add PayPal

Many people sell ebooks through PayPal, a process which is highly considered to be manual and labor intensive because they have to email the ebooks to the client only after they have received the payment. It takes sweat and blood to transact this way because the mode is low-tech and in case of a tech problem, then most likely it will trip up. Again it is not preferred because your clients will have to keep waiting for you to serve them or transact business every time you are offline. In the end, your customers get frustrated and may soon start doing business with your competitors. The only benefit, however, is that you keep more of your profit.

Be that as it may, selling ebooks online is a lucrative way of earning revenue online and most people have started the business from scratch. Through learning the ropes, they have graduated from selling through PayPal to selling their ebooks on their websites.


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