Independent authors now have a reason to smile as ebooks have opened a whole new world of publishing possibilities. Online eBooks business opportunities are now the biggest deal. With an ebook, one no longer needs an agent or connections to have their works published. Bloggers and writers with talent can write and sell eBooks online on various e-commerce sites and get a decent pay from the sale. If you are new to blogging and writing ebooks, then below you will find some of the most trusted websites to start you off with your new business of selling ebooks online.

1.    Amazon Kindle

Amazon will go down the history books as a large ebook source of all times. Now it has a branch, Amazon Kindle, which is a self –publishing site that allows independent bloggers and writers to sell ebooks for cash. Once you publish your ebook here, it will be available on Kindle devices, Apps for iOS and Android. Ones the work is published for free you stand a chance of earning up 70% in revenue for each sale.

2.    Payhip

So long as what you have is a downloadable digital material, this e-commerce website allows you to sell the content here. Ebooks are downloadable materials, and the site will need you to make a customizable sales page, and then goes ahead to equip you with the appropriate tools to sell the ebook. Such tools include share buttons, affiliate programs, discount coupons and also the flexible pricing options. After you make your sales, the site will only keep 5% of the total sale.

3.    Blurb

This is another also superb site that allows the writer to upload their book in either Bookwright or Adobe InDesign. It then takes it up from here converting to a fixed layout ebook format for a paltry $9.99. Converting the manuscript from the text document to reflowable eBook is also possible. However, this service is only free if you are in operating in beta. After this, you are required to make the copies available on Amazon and Apple e-commerce stores.

4.    Slicebooks

Though this might be a little bit different marketplace for ebooks, it works differently by allowing selling of content or some few parts of the ebook. If it is possible to sell only specific parts of your book to people who need just that, then this is the best platform so far. The e-commerce store has set a flat rate of $9 starting price per month.

5.    Payloadz

This platform is not only best for ebooks but also other digital products. It requires the writer to upload the book and set their price for the product. You are then needed to add a link to the ebook on your e-commerce website or another account.

Ultimately you can decide to create a good looking website with the help of EBooks websites templates, launch it and start selling.


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