Are you thinking of making money online selling ebooks? Ebooks business opportunities are massive. Actually, at the moment, technology has made it possible for budding writers to make a living, through writing and selling ebooks online. This is not dependent on whether you’re a skilled wordsmith or a newbie. As long as you can write fiction, nonfiction or just any writing in your desired niche then this is for you. All that you need is to write your book and publish it online or on your site; you can get help from various EBook website templates. Writers earn every time the book is purchased. There are many ways of arriving at this, as you can see below.

1.    Sell the Book on Your Blog

This allows you to retain 100% profit with the sale of a copy, as you are not sharing revenue with any entities. However, to generate a decent income, your blog should have massive traffic. Also to achieve this, it is advisable to write books that are in line with your blog’s niche, because then your audience will love the book thus purchasing it. Different ways of promoting your ebook sale are through article marketing, guest posts and also social media marketing.

2.    Sell It through Affiliate Marketing Programs

This calls for one to set up an affiliate program with anyone who wants to promote your book. They can be article writers or bloggers of various niche companies. They will be responsible for marketing your ebooks through their blogs, channels, social media sites or even websites. At the end, when their marketing strategies will bear fruits, you will enumerate them an agreed amount of money.

3.    Sell the Ebook on Various E-commerce Stores

There are various renowned websites where you can sell ebooks online such as Amazon, eBay and more. Several of them will ask you to list your ebooks on their site, and then demand you pay a fixed fee as service charge. Various websites have a different cut on your final sale. Amazon, for example, will give you up to 70% of the total selling price and retain 30%. In the end, it is a win-win since this platform ensures your book reaches a broad audience.

4.    Sell the Ebook through Kindle Store

This is one of Amazon’s branches which has an app that enables you to publish your ebook make money. Most people prefer the Kindle App as it can be used on many devices including smartphones and iPads. This way, your ebook is sure to reach the global audience and in turn make huge chunks of cash.


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